Las Vegas Vacation – Day 5 – Part 2

Upon exiting the Flamingo we ended up on a street off in the back behind the Strip. Me being me, I spotted a little dive bar and insisted on stopping in. This was my kind of place!

Back on the Strip, we got a daytime view across the street of the Bellagio fountain show before popping into Paris.

It’s darker inside than I expected, but lively and full of color. I somehow resisted buying way too much stuff I didn’t need in the shops.

Planet Hollywood was super neat and definitely a nice change from many of the casinos.

Another free drink at PBR Rockbar. Again, really awesome place with super friendly workers. I’m impressed at how pleasant and helpful everyone was, I can imagine things getting pretty crazy and tiring after a while.


We only passed through the Cosmopolitan briefly but I was in love with those shoes! Just don’t ever expect me to walk in anything like that. Ha!

Great view and more chocolate at the M&M store. Don’t worry, I only looked at it. 😉

Hard Rock for dinner. Our server took my friend to check out something she wanted to see that wasn’t open to the public that day, but they let her take a peek. My pulled pork sandwich was a little small but still delicious.

Night had arrived and we unfortunately had a super early morning flight the following day. My friend hopped the bus back to the hotel to pack and get some rest, but I was still pretty awake, so I swung off the Strip to the Double Down Saloon. Another dive bar! Holy cow was this place cool! I hung out there for way too long before stupidly deciding to walk the entire way back to the hotel around midnight. Totally worth it though.

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