Las Vegas Vacation – Day 3 – Part 2

Ah yes, the Venetian.
Can I admit one thing? Before I went to Vegas, the most common thing I was told is “the hotels/casinos are way bigger than you expect and it’s a lot more walking than you think.”  Now, I did believe this statement, don’t get me wrong. But honestly, during our first couple days of walking from one place to the next, it didn’t seem that crazy.
But it wasn’t until we walked up to the Venetian than my jaw almost dropped. After all, it’s only the world’s second largest hotel, no big deal, right?
Words can’t do this place justice. You just have to see it to believe it. Gorgeous architecture, all the artwork and painted ceilings inside, this place is just amazing.

Afterwards, we went to Madam Tussauds and did way too many ridiculous selfies with all the celebs. You all don’t want to see those. ;D

By this point in the day, the sun was setting, and happy hour was beginning. My friend went up to the room to relax for a few while I popped back down to Public House* for super cheap beers, and then a quick smoke break outside with a beautiful colored sky.
* I promise I’m not affiliated with them. I just really really liked that place!

Dinner brought us over to Excalibur for their buffet. The price was definitely reasonable, but I wasn’t too impressed with the food. Then again, it had probably been years since I went to a buffet so maybe my expectations were a little too high?

Late that night, after I fell asleep for a bit, I spoke to my Vegas friend and he picked me up after work and took me down to Fremont Street. It was well after midnight by then. With all the lights still on and the streets mostly empty, the scene was perfect and I was excited to grab a few photos without tons of people around. But don’t worry; I got to experience it in its full glory the next night. 😉

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