Las Vegas Vacation – Day 2 – Part 1

Day two of Vegas fun began with a continental breakfast at our hotel. Let me tell you, this was a surprisingly good free breakfast, and it got us feeling good enough to head out a couple hours before check out time to explore the souvenir shop nearby.

We took an Uber from Fortune and headed over to Luxor.  If you’re visiting Vegas, I do highly recommend using Uber and Lyft to get around if you need car travel. Every driver we had (especially the lovely lady who picked us up at the airport) was SUPER friendly and helpful) and it was way easier than a taxi. The rest of the time we stuck to the bus and trams, which were also easy and convenient, so keep those in mind, too.

My friend was the one who booked our room, and was given the option to upgrade to one of the newly remodeled rooms.  It was gorgeous! We also had a spectacular view of the mountains from our window. One of the few “regrets” I have is that we were never really in our room during the best hours of light for me to get better photos of them.

We explored the hotel a bit once we got our things settled in the room, and got a super sweet deal on 4th row Criss Angel tickets (go see his show, I promise you it’s worth it).

Now comes one of the things I haven’t stopped speaking about since the trip. These tacos, y’all. These are from Public House inside Luxor, and holy smokes were they amazing. Probably the best tacos I’ve ever had that weren’t from an authentic Mexican restaurant. I’m still dreaming about them. I wish I could find something comparable in Chicago but I haven’t been able to.  I think that just means I need to fly back to Vegas for tacos. Do people do that?

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