Las Vegas Vacation – Day 1 – Chicago to Las Vegas

You may remember from a little while back that I took my first plane ride in several years when I went to Florida. Well, earlier this year I had my first visit to Las Vegas!

I’m really not a gambler, so I was way more interested in the food (and drinks!) and sightseeing, and it was worth it. My friend wanted to go for her birthday, so off we went!

We had reservations for the trip at the Luxor, but it ended up being cheaper for us to fly in Saturday night and stay that night at a small hotel a little off the strip, the Fortune Hotel & Suites. Nice simple place that’s not too modern but was clean and the staff was friendly, and had a liquor store nearby, which I can’t complain about! The lobby interior also had a super cool ceiling.

I have tons of photos from the rest of the trip coming up! I’ve split them into manageable posts, and I’ll do my best to remember as many useful tidbits of info as I can!

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