About Me

Thirty-ish something, in Chicago. Hardly any chance I will ever move somewhere else. Our winters might be awful, but nothing beats Chicago in the summer. If you’ve never visited here for our music and street fests, you haven’t truly lived life!

If sarcasm and fangirling could be combined into a proper business, I’d be a billionaire.

This blog is mostly somewhere for me to post my favorite images I’ve made, along with whatever other random life-ish stuff that pops in as well.

It’s probably obvious that I’m a big photography lover. I’m always out wandering the city, looking for new places and things to photograph. So far my photos have been used/featured on Chicagoist, Time Out Chicago, Gapers Block, and Schmap.com.

If you’re interested, you can check out what camera equipment I have (it’s not a fancy list but it serves me well!) or buy prints and other items here. I may be offering up other products in the future as well if I end up able to work on some projects I have ideas for.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to comment, email me, or send a message through the contact form any time with questions, suggestions, or anything else. I’m totally open for link exchanges, requests for reviews, or general discussions on whatever else may come up. =)