Abandoned Buildings

A while back, I used to ride this one train line and I’d always see an abandoned building that only seems to ever have been partially constructed. I always wanted to check it out but I never got around to it. I finally made a trip over there, and although it was locked up pretty good and I couldn’t go in, I still managed to get some photos.

(Update 4-16-16: This has now been completely torn down. Glad I made it there before it was gone!

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Right nearby is another really cool place I love.  I haven’t seen much information about the building, but from what I’ve read, it was probably a former railroad warehouse. It’s loaded with some awesome graffiti!

(Update 4-16-16: This has now been painted over and seems to be getting fixed up. Though I definitely enjoyed how it looked, I’m glad it seems to be getting some attention so it can hopefully be reused instead of torn down.)

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Both of these are in a part of the city I don’t visit too often, but I need to change that asap.

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